Our experienced team of engineers, architects and project managers are here to help you achieve and guide you step by step in the biggest and most important process in the life of a human being building your own home.

The quality and attention to detail our team puts into each project next to their unique views and your personal touches will accentuate each room.

As professionals in the construction business we have the capacity, experience and expertise to face and overcome any unexpected obstacles that might occur during the project or in the field.

We provide complete costume home designs services (modern, contemporary or traditional) including architectural blueprints, project managing and expert advise in each area of construction, before during or after completion of the project. We are always here to serve you.

Our mission is to bring your ideas to life and help create the best possible Commercial or residential living environments for our customers and to do so in a way that creates community and respects the world we live in.

 Our employee’s work with the utmost level of integrity at every level of the company, and our core values of concern, creativity, passion, and the pursuit of perfection are upheld in every decision we make.

We are team-oriented, client-focused, and accurate and were consistently learning to understand that there is more to a project than just building it. We are able to leverage our sister companies with more than 40 years of experience in the development and management of multifamily projects, truly making us the developer's contractor of choice.

Construction Management:

Construction management advisor

As a member of the project team, ADEC Construction is active in the design process. Our involvement provides an element of practical insight, ensuring both "build ability" and cost control. Our participation generally includes the review of land development plans, schematic designs, design development drawings, construction documents, critique of specialized engineering reports and designs, program management and team building.

Construction management agent

Detailed construction cost estimates at various stages of the design/development process.  This intensive process assists the client in cost control and forecasting, avoiding costly and time consuming redesign of projects.  Further, ADEC Construction will evaluate various design options that may affect the overall project budget.  This process is frequently undertaken in the early phases of design by evaluating information provided by ADEC Construction’s extensive pool of subcontractors as well as cost from our historic database of project information.

Construction management contractor

As a general contractor, ADEC and its team members have received numerous awards for quality, schedule, safety, and for our commitment to the environment and communities in which we work.

With our extensive background in residential construction, ADEC acts as an "At-Risk" general contractor responsible for field supervision of subcontractors, financial management, purchasing and scheduling of all materials and trades, contract negotiation, and contract management. We view this role as a natural extension of the partnership we have developed with the client and their design professionals during the planning phase of the project.

ADEC Construction's background working closely with our management company provides our clients with a unique opportunity to utilize our understanding of their business and needs. This "principle mentality," which is atypical for a general contractor, positions ADEC Construction to be our clients' greatest asset in their endeavors.


ADEC Construction INC is committed to creating sustainable built environments through the consideration of not only the building itself, but also its materials and components, from their extraction, manufacture, and transport, to their use, reuse, recycling and disposal.

We believe that the overall benefits of sustainable building are maximized by taking an integrative approach that brings owners, operators, architects, planners, engineers and contractors together early on in the process to discuss sustainability and performance goals. This process provides opportunities to approach and conserve resources in new ways and can create opportunities for healthier, more comfortable indoor environments, and ultimately, less environmental impact.

 No other company in the south Florida region can match our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We provide every one of our clients with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which covers every aspect of the job we do for you.

New Construction Projects