In order to design and build a pool it is very important to have experience and well-defined concepts and palpable involvement in all the different stages of the processes.

 The design, the landscaping, earthmoving, the plumbing, electrical rod, concrete, deck and finish… taking in to account the quality, beauty, privacy, and security you require before, during and after completion the project keeping in mind the first finish is obtained in each stage of the process.

Our professionals and technical employees team has the experience and capacity to achieve and materialize your dream pool and give you the necessary suggestions and contributions that will enable us together to build a better project.

The continuous training and involvement of our professionals, technicians and collaborators in ADEC Construction Inc. makes a difference at all stages of the construction in a pool project not only on the technical side but in values and human relations allowing us to build focused on high standards of quality, safety, and organization. Our excellent project management brings peace, harmony and respect to the work area

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